Nice review in Ikon!

Kakafoni is an experimental jazz band who releases their debut album.
In the beginning of the 21st century Gothenburg, Sweden’s Pelle Erikson got the idea that he would like to mix melodic jazz with modern technology. This would involve loop based song with strict rhythm and strong, simple melodies. Songs, based in the jazz tradition, were recorded and after that overdubs, loops and samples were made in after recording editing, computer wise. The musicians got to put their special trademarks on the nearly finished recording.

The music is repeating and something seems to happened all the time . Sometimes it feels like innovative but other times the same scenario repeats.

However it’s an interesting touch.

Fantasic review in Lira!


The pianist Pär Eriksson is the brain and producer behind the debuting sextet Kakafoni.

In the beginning of the 21st century Pelle Eriksson got the idea that he would like to mix melodic jazz with modern technology; loop based songs with groovy rhythm.

With a bunch of great tunes and solo performances, jazz music is in focus in many songs, often with an epic touch.

In other songs there is a touch of club music with a more dirty sound and close interaction between drum and bass that makes a solid platform for solo performances.

The dirtiness in sound gives and extra dimension, not least when they at the same time play so well and engaged.

Definitely a cocky debut with an extraordinary nerve.

Great review in GP!

“It’s hard to resist a band with song titles like Sopåkardilemmat, Flygfä and Spritnäsa. This is melodic jazz in long beautiful lines, quite often processed in different shapes, scratch, loop, loop, scratch, guitarsolo. The pianist Pelle Eriksson is the primus engine in the project -he has also produced -his music is despite his titles extensive and urbane.

In these beautiful and cool songs there is quite a lot of room for the musicians soloing. There is a lot of great stuff in here, for example the trumpet player Jonathan Gustavsson, but it’s the guitar player Tobias Grim who stands out with his innovative sometimes messy and mad beautiful playing.”