About Kakafoni.

Swedish jazz group Kakafoni released their new album Concentus which is the sequel to last year´s debut album.

Concentus means playing in harmony and stands in a sense in contrast to the group name, while it also reflects the core of the group´s idea, to consolidate nature sounds, noise, electronic elements and acoustic sounds into a whole. The music on the album has been developed during the past year, and has been played at club gigs and festivals in order to get it´s final form in the studio.

Pianist and composer Pelle Eriksson is the driving force behind the project Kakafoni. In the early 2000s, he got the idea to bring together melodic jazz, pop structures, improvisation, samples and loops. The band found its present form some years ago and the first album, Kakafoni, was released in January 2013.

Some voices about Kakafoni:

“The dirtiness in sounds and samples gives an extra dimension, especially when they play so tight and focused together. A truly cocky debut with an unusual amount of nerve.” – Andreas Lagercrantz , Lira

“This is melodic jazz that takes long beautiful paths, often processed in different shapes… “ – Ulf Johansson, GP

”Best at the moment” – Claes Olson

”Awesome” – Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira

"Beautifully" 4/5 – Mattias Gustavsson, IKON

”Levitating beautiful melodius jazz” – Lennart Lundberg, Allehanda

The members of Kakafoni are : Jonathan Gustavsson – trumpet, Pelle Nilsson – saxophones, Tobias Grim – guitar, Johan Jansson – drums, Martin Olsson – bass and Pelle Eriksson – piano, lap top.

Guests on Concentus are Mats Äleklint – trombone and Carl-Fredrik Carlsson – congas.

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